Enrolment Procedures

  • The school has two official student intake times each year...Semester 1 in January and Semester 2 in July. These correlate with the two (assessment and reporting) semesters of the QCAA and Australian Curriculum and the two government census dates (in early February and early August) which are used to calculate state and federal funding for private schools like ours. As a small non-government school in a low socio-economic region trying to maximise accessibility, we rely on government funding to be able to reduce our fees and charges for local residents, to under $1,000 per year for primary students and under $2,000 a year for high school students (compared to the average fee levels for non-government schools in Australia of closer to $10,000 per year). We only receive government funding for students who are enrolled and attending school prior to the two official Census Days, hence the practice of needing to restrict our student intake times each year to coincide with those dates.
  • According to the school's Statement of Philosophy and Aims: Safety, Excellence and Equity, TKIS is a small school with extremely high standards and expectations in relation to uniform, behaviour, work ethic, inclusivity and discipline. Though we are an inclusive school, our safety and excellence missions also mean that we can be far more demanding in terms of dress, respectful behaviour and compliance with rules and regulations compared to other schools. We work hard to ensure that our classrooms are not disruptive, our playgrounds are safe and all our students and staff feel respected and valued here. As such, we are not going to be the school for everyone, and it's important that we assist families by making sure that they are making an informed decision BEFORE they commit to enrolling their children here. Being a small school, we also have to consider our own limitations in terms of staffing and resources and we have to make sure that we are capable of providing the level of support that a prospective student needs before we commit to taking on the responsibility of their education and development. This whole application and enrolment process involves gathering information, conducting interviews and discussing expectations...a process that itself can take many weeks to complete.
  • Families are welcome to apply and submit an application for enrolment at any time of the year, but under normal circumstances, as explained above, the school only admits new students at the start of Term 1 and Term 3 (i.e. the start and middle of the school year). For these reasons, we recommend applications for enrolment are submitted to the school by December of the previous year (for Term 1 Intake) and June (for a Term 3 Intake).
  • Of course, in emergency situations, the school will consider an application for enrolment outside the standard intake times, (in Terms 2 or 4 for example) and the school principal will evaluate such applications on a case-by-case basis.

Tour Booking Form

Rather than have a large Open Day, here at Kooralbyn we regularly run informal school tours every couple of weeks during Term. We try to limit the number of people on these tours to 8 or less, so you can use this form to either book a place on one of our INFORMAL tours or if you'd prefer, you can book your own private FORMAL meeting with our Principal. Just explain your needs in the the form below. NOTE: If you want to schedule a private/formal meeting with our Principal, you will need to send copies of Birth Certificates and most recent School Reports prior to the meeting. (Neither of which are required if you're only booking an informal tour.)
We will contact you either by email or phone and finalise the arrangements.