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TKIS' Specialised University Preparation (SUPr) Program

Commencing in 2012: The first intensified high school program in Queensland to offer longer school days, an increased work load, a focus on Maths-Science-English and an objective of not only getting its students into their chosen university course, but also improving their chances of success once they get there ...

The SUPr Program almost doubles the effective classroom contact time offered to students, but what promises to be its most beneficial contribution is its ‘culture’ ... the effect of a group of dedicated students studying and living together, all feeding off each other's motivation and inspiring each other to achieve excellence.

With a much heavier work load than normal high school, the SUPr Program requires either on-campus boarding (Monday to Friday) or after school access (to 5:00 PM) and our school expects the highest standards in dress and behaviour from all its students.

For the one hundred and fifty students from Grades 7 to 12 who are accepted into it however, the SUPr Program could represent the perfect opportunity, the ideal high school environment and the most effective gateway to their professional careers.

The program is available in two formats:
• Day-School Format: Monday to Thursday 9:00AM to 5:00PM and Friday 9:00AM to 3:00PM
• Mid-Week-Boarding Format: Monday 9:00AM to Friday 3:00PM

Students of non-English-speaking backgrounds are supported both by intensive ESL and English Literacy courses and by the optional mid-week boarding component of the SUPr Program that submerges all students in English language after school and in the evenings.

One in five Queensland high school graduates who get accepted into university won't make it through their first year at university. In fact, more than half of all students will fail or drop out of the first university course they undertake after high school. Clearly the problem for our state's best and brightest high school students isn't just how to get into university … it's how to survive it. And it's not just the academic pressures placed on students ... it's the social, cultural, economic, course suitability and other distractions that contribute to the alarmingly high university drop-out rate.

On top of that, the competition for entry into the most sought after university courses in the state is becoming tougher each year. Medicine, law, veterinary science and even some engineering, architecture and science courses at our major universities are now requiring an OP1, 2 or 3 to guarantee a place.

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Frequently Asked Questions About the SUPr Program.

How does the SUPr Program maximise university entrance scores and improve a student’s future potential for success at university?

  • A much longer school day. Taking period breaks, lunch breaks and other interruptions into account, actual classroom contact time in most Queensland high schools averages out to just over FOUR hours per day. Students of the SUPr Program are supported by up to EIGHT hours of classroom contact time per day (or SIX hours in the Day-Student format). Almost doubling classroom time in the core subject areas of English, Maths and Sciences, makes a huge difference in terms of individual student outcomes.
  • A subject list tailored to build through each year and maximise each Grade 12 student's university entrance (OP Score) and Field Position results based on their university course preferences.
  • Specialised after-school classes and (for Mid-Week Boarders) evening tutorials providing test practices, maths labs, assessment workshops and supervised homework sessions.
  • Career Support, Master Classes and University Excursions for Grades 9 to 12.
  • Immersion time-tabling to allow students to obtain a depth of understanding and experience that is not otherwise possible with stop-start periodic time-tabling.
  • A Mentorship Program for each student from Grades 7 to 10 and a Collaborative-Learning Program for students in Grades 11 and 12.
  • The opportunity for Grade 11 and 12 students to participate in and gain credit for first year university subjects.* (*Programs offered by U.Q. and Griffith for Year 12 only, O.U.A. subjects available in younger grades.)
  • The potential to accelerate through Grades 7 to 10 (only available for students who can clearly demonstrate their capacity to benefit from such acceleration).

Applications are open to all students eligible to obtain a Queensland high school education. The program is academically non-selective, however given the rigorous academic demands, the heavy work load commitments, the specific subject offerings of the program and the limited places available each year, only those students who can demonstrate their commitment and potential for success in the program are likely to gain entry. Application is made by completing a written Proposal Statement, providing copies of recent academic reports and a personal reference.

Minimum age of entry is students entering Grade 9 and maximum age of entry is students entering Grade 12.

There are many excellent high schools in South-East Queensland (all capable of qualifying their students for university). There are also many excellent after-school tutors, coaches and commercial education centres available.

The SUPr Program offered by TKIS however, is the ONLY high school program ...

  • that combines day school, after-school extension and (optional if boarding) evening coaching into a composite course that integrates all aspects of a child's high school education into a comprehensive program designed not only to help them get into their chosen course at university, but improve their chances of success once they get there
  • that focuses on the needs of students who seek a maths-science pathway into university
  • that offers the benefits of immersion time-tabling to provide an intensity and depth of understanding that is otherwise unobtainable from normal stop-start periodic school time-tabling AND ...
  • that allows children to become part of a collective group of students all inspiring and motivating each other to achieve both their collective and individual academic goals. It's this intensity, the 24 hour Monday to Friday support and commitment from the school and the success-oriented culture of the program that sets it apart.

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