TKIS The Kooralbyn International School


  • 1985 :: The original school opens as a Secondary School in what is now known as the Lower Campus (where the Kooralbyn International Graduate College now resides.)
  • 1988 :: The school gains international acclaim as a school of excellence in Golf, Cricket, Track and Field (Gold Medal Olympian Cathy Freeman is a student in the Sports program at the time) and the arts.
  • 1989 :: The school reaches a population of 200 (mainly international students from Papua New Guinea and other Asia/Pacific nations.)
  • 1990 :: The school is virtually flattened in a flash flood that leaves very few buildings standing. Meteorologists suggest that it was a 'once in a hundred years' flood.
  • 1991 :: Just as the school is rebuilt following the flood of 1990, another devastating flood occurs... this time the only buildings left standing are the new Science block, Dining Hall and Junior Boys Dormitory. A decision is made to rebuild the school 400 metres up the road on higher what is now known as the Upper Campus.
  • 1992 :: Most of the current buildings on the Upper Campus are completed and the school re-opens again....for the second time in as many years. TKIS Primary School is also service the local population of the Kooralbyn Valley which is estimated to now be approaching 800 residents.
  • 1995 :: The school prospers and its reputation becomes world famous. Through the years 1993 to 1996, various achievements are won including Golf and Cricket Teams (coached by the soon-to-be Australian Cricket Coach) reaching the World School's Finals and a large number of individual achievements...all of which help build the reputation of this small school dedicated to excellence.
  • 1997 :: From 1995 to 1999, various foreign factors begin to detrimentally effect the school's enrolment of international students... SARS virus, Asian economy collapse, terrorist attacks, middle east conflicts, etc. This combined with the heavy debt level still being carried by the school from its two rebuilds back in the early 90's begins to impact on the small, proud school.

  • 2000 :: Despite its many impressive results, including two 'Young Australians of The Year' having graduated from the school, the financial pressures are mounting. The local population is not big enough to maintain the school and as a result the Primary School section of TKIS is closed down with 23 students.
  • 2001 :: Unable to escape mounting interest rates and falling student enrolment numbers, the original school is closed down with 156 students (only 34 of which are local Australian students.)
  • 2002 :: The school premises and properties are purchased by Hilton Hall Properties Pty Ltd, the owners of The Kooralbyn Resort.
  • 2003 :: A group of academics and businessmen (headed by the current Principal of the School), mount a campaign to re-open a 'total-education pathway school of excellence' and in November 2003 obtain Government accreditation to re-open TKIS as a private Secondary School with government funding.
  • 2004 :: In April 2004, the school reopens as a Grade 8 to 10 Secondary School in what is now known as the Upper Campus. This time however, there is a great deal more local support and local Australian students constitute 100% of the enrolments.
  • 2005 :: The school consolidates, doubling its 2004 enrolment numbers and enlarges into Senior Studies, adding Grades 11 and 12.
  • 2006 :: The school enlarges again, adding a Prep to Grade 7 Primary School, meaning that the school is now a Prep to Year 12 school. The school also obtains its CRICOS Accreditation to allow it to begin accepting International Students for the first time since the original school closed in 2001.
  • 2007 :: The new school's efforts in striving for academic excellence begin to pay off with the school's Year 12 OP results for the year being one of the best in the state. Student enrolments continue to grow.
  • 2008 :: Amidst what was later to be known as the world economic crisis, the owners of the local Kooralbyn International Resort go into receivership and the iconic Kooralbyn Resort closes down. Though this has no direct impact on the school itself, confidence in the local Kooralbyn community falls to an all-time low.
  • 2010 :: Celebrating 25 years since the original TKIS was founded, the new TKIS has a great year both academically and on the sporting fields. The school's Year 12 OP results are once again near the top of the state and the school has a remarkable eight state representatives in a range of sports including golf, equestrian and athletics.
  • 2011 :: Following several years of development, the school launches it Specialised University Preparation (SUPr) Program and becomes the first school in Australia to offer 8 hours per day of classroom contact and 12 hour school days. The program is the first of its kind in Australia and is designed to not only maximise its students chances of getting into university but also of being successful once they get there.

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